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Use of this website, and information distributed in conjunction with this website is offered to you on your acceptance of these Terms of Use and other notices posted on this website. Your use of this website or of any content presented in any and all areas of the website indicates your acknowledgment and agreement to these Terms of Use  If you do not agree to be bound by and comply with all of the foregoing, you may not access or use the website.  We have the right to change these terms of use at any time without notification.  As new situations arise, these rules will be modified.  Please check back here for any updates. 

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Terms of Use

This is not an open discussion forum.  The forums on this website are strictly monitored to follow ALL of the following rules.  By posting on this website, you agree to follow all of these rules.  If you feel these rules are too strict, please do not use this website.  There are other forums available on the internet that do not have such strict rules.  The moderators of this website can make any judgement calls they deem appropriate when applying these rules.  Additionally, these rules can be changed at any time by the system operators and can be applied retroactively to all posts. 

1) Since these forums permit anonymous posting, It is not permitted to single out a person (either directly by stating their name/initials, or implied by stating their position) or a group (whether political or social) to state your opinion of them in a NEGATIVE way.   You may post your opinion of an action taken by an elected official only if you can back up all of your statements with facts.  You may also post known published facts about another person.  However it will be up to the moderators of this forum to determine if these facts are verifiable or if they are appropriate.

The moderators of this website will make all judgement calls regarding this rule.  Any post violating this rule will be edited or deleted.  As stated earlier, if you feel these rules are too strict, do not use the website.  This is not an open discussion forum.

2) Regarding political elections, in addition to the rules stated in number 1, your are only permitted to state positive comments on who you favor in any election.  These statements must be factual, not just opinions.  It would be too easy for people running for an election to come on here and post anonymously against their opponents.  This includes all political positions, some examples of which are the Board of Education and  Town Council.  If you would like to have your voice heard on an opponent, please use some of the other forums on the web such as

3) There is absolutely no profanity allowed.  Any messages containing this type of text will be promptly deleted.

4) There is to be no "bashing" of any individual or business.  Constructive criticism is more then welcome, but please lets keep it to that.   Constructive criticism is always welcome if it can serve to provide useful information for the community.  We will edit or delete any of these types of messages at our discretion. 

What do we mean by bashing?  Simply stating that xxxxxxx is the worst company, they are liars, thieves,  make the worst products/services and you should just never go there. 

Constructive criticism that should be used:  A person's opinion on this company including a description of their experience, detail of the products and factual evidence to back-up their claims.

This also includes singling out another user (even if that user is an anonymous poster) simply because you do not like their opinion posted here.  You may disagree with their opinion by presenting an alternate view, but it is not permitted to simply put down another user's view because you do not like them.  This also includes stating that a thread created by a user is pointless or of a topic you feel is not important.  Users are permitted to post on any topic they see fit as long as they conform to the rules stated here.

If a user presents facts in a thread that you believe is incorrect, you may not simply state that they are wrong and bash them for providing incorrect information.  You must provide your own facts with a source to prove that the original statement presented was inaccurate.  While we do not attempt to verify facts, you must provide a source for your information if you are attempting to use the facts to state your argument. 

Regarding elected officials, you are not permitted to discuss their salary or any similar specifics of their job, regardless of whether this is public knowledge.

Moderators will use their judgement when it appears that users are attempting to skew an argument by presenting facts that have no merit or source.  This also goes for those disagreeing with facts. 

5) Please keep to the topic of the thread.  Any reply that gets off topic may be either edited or removed.

6) Respect for each other is required.  Everyone has opinions on matters, and many times these opinions are different from others.  What we don't want is people attacking others for their opinions.  If you disagree with something, state your reasons.  Don't just say that another person is ridiculous, or call them other names/descriptions.  Any messages which show a lack of respect for another poster will be deleted.  This includes name calling, catch phrases to put someone down, or any other lack of respect for which no factual evidence exists. 

7) There is to be absolutely no segregation or classification of people by way of sex, race, ethnicity or religion, in any way on these message boards.

8) Please be aware of the different sections of this website so that you can be sure you are posting your message in the proper spot.  We will from time to time move the thread so that it is contained in the proper place.  This is simply to keep things organized as the website grows. 

9) The messages posted by users of this website do not in any way constitute the opinion of the website operators.  We can not be held responsible for any reliance on these messages, or any offense taken by its content.  We do not attempt to verify any of the information contained within these forums.

10) The forums are not to be used in any way to advertise a business (either private or corporate) or website other than a not-for-profit or government organization without permission.  We reserve the right to remove links to any other external websites without permission.  This also includes advertisements for websites of a similar nature to this website.

11) You may not paste any information from another websites (such as a news site) which has copyright protection.  If you would like to make an article available to users of this website, please email us the link to be included in the news section.  This section links directly to the source of the news article so that we do not infringe on any copyright policies. 

13) Posting by unregistered/anonymous users is permitted in all of the forums.  Unregistered users who violate these forum rules will have their access temporarily suspended from the forum they have posted in.  Repeatedly violating these rules may result in your permanent deletion from the forums. 

14) As a general rule, everything must stay "PG" rated and below.  Any sexual references will be deleted.

15) The forums are not to be used to provide feedback about this website.  Any comments, questions, suggestions and complaints are to be emailed to the system operators and moderators by using the "contact us" button.

16) You are not permitted to use different screen names in order to respond to yourself or make it appear that you have additional support for one of your threads.  This includes posting as a registered user and then responding as an anonymous user making it look like you are a different user.  If you do this, we may highlight in your messages that they are posted by the same user.  We may also suspend your posting privileges on the forums.

Also, you may not copy other anonymous screen names for the sole purpose of trying to confuse forum users or appear as the original user of that screen name.  While anonymous users do not own their screen name, respect for these screen names is required.  This especially holds true when the name is obviously a unique name (such as Jake's mom) vs. a general name (such as NJ Res).  Moderators will use their judgment in handling these issues but in many cases will result in the user temporarily losing their ability to post anonymously.  Continued violation will result in permanent blocking of your anonymous posting privileges.  We encourage you to register your screen name to help avoid these issues.

17) If you feel that a post offends you in any way and can be considered Defamation, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to notify the system moderators at once.  Simply send us an email to:  With this notification, the system moderators will review the post as soon as possible.  If your claim is valid, the post will be removed at once.  If we do not feel that it is valid, you will receive an email response back with our understanding.  We attempt to review and moderate all of these types of posts as soon as possible, but at times may not recognize the potential Defamation.  Alerting us of the post will ensure that a proper and timely review is performed.

At our discretion, if there is any message that does not correspond to the above rules, we will either delete the message entirely, or edit the message to remove the offensive phrase(s).  If a message thread turns into a bashing session and no longer serves a beneficial purpose, it will be closed.  Negative tones from users who have been edited in the past have a greater chance of being moderated.

The system uses an optional user registration system.  Click the "user register" button from the main forum menu to read the details.  At our discretion, if a user does not follow these rules, we will delete their access.

While we will do our best to enforce these rules in a timely matter, we encourage everyone to call any violations to our attention so that they can be moderated as quickly as possible.

Please realize that the purpose of these rules is to ensure that this website can become a valuable tool for everyone to use.  We welcome everyone's comments and suggestions by email.  Thank you and we hope you enjoy the website.